Friday, 19 October 2012

Get Something Working

Time to get the Low Pin Count Demo board fired up. Connect it to the PICkit2 (make sure the arrows indicating pin1 align). Connect the USB cable to your Windows PC and wait for the PICkit to be detected as a USB device.

Now run up MPLAB IDE. Go to the Programmer menu bar item and Select Programmer → PICkit2.

The Target LED on the programmer should light up, but the flashing light program in the 16F690 may not appear.

Again go to Programmer on the menu bar and select Release from Reset. The LEDs should start flashing.


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  2. Hi Julian
    Can you help me find out what type on IC is that element in red circle A16P he get fried when battery LiPo was discharge to 0 . I think the IC is part of power circuit belongs to LCD power supply but that battery was drain out .